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Ballet/Tap Combo Classes -

Our dancers will learn a strong foundation of the technical aspects of ballet, along
with creative movement, and a whole lot of imagination! Dancers will learn how to conduct themselves in a
classroom setting, while having a blast! The focus of the class is on ballet and creative movement, with tap shoes
as an added element of fun. We will work on rhythm and musicality, along with coordination, balance and special
awareness. As our students progress from level 1 to level 2 the focus will shift from creative movement and
imaginative learning to a more structured curriculum.

Ballet/Tap 1 - 3-4 yrs *must be potty trained
Ballet/Tap 2 - 5-6 yrs *unless specified by a member of our faculty

Dress code - pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and tan tap shoes with Velcro or elastics (please don’t buy tap shoes
with laces it takes up too much time when we change shoes during class) any type of ballet dress/leotard/skirt
combo. We want our littlest ballerinas to feel special so we do not require a specific color. Hair needs to be pulled
back tightly from dancers faces.

Acro -
We approach our acro classes with a strong focus on safety first. Students will work on strength and conditioning
and flexibility first so they will be able to safely demonstrate the skills in the order of our curriculum. Acro is a
blend of tumbling skills and dance, with an added element of contortion. Every skill in our acro classes builds
upon itself. The mechanics of a forward roll transition into walkovers handsprings and flips. Cartwheels become
ariels, and handstands transition into hand walks, presses, and handstand pirouettes. Students must start in level
1 and pass an assessment for each level before moving into the next.

Mini Acro - 5-6 yrs
Acro 1 - 7+
Acro 2, 3, And 4 - placement after passing the assessments for each subsequent level.

Dress code - tight fitting soft clothes. No zippers or buttons. Leotards and shorts are encouraged but not
mandatory. Please no baggy clothes as it is a safety hazard to our faculty when spotting certain skills. Hair needs
to be pulled back tightly off of face, of hair is long it will need to be tucked up as long ponytails and braids can
interfere with certain skills.

Ballet -
Ballet is the foundation for almost every style of dance. It is a very structured class that teaches self discipline,
technique, and terminology. Students will improve upon their strength, balance and coordination, which are skills
that can be helpful in various aspects throughout life. We focus on Classical training with a bit of Vaganova,
Cecchetti, and Balanchine, as we want our students to have as diverse training as possible. Students can expect
to spend 2-3 years per level as there are many layers to learn throughout our curriculum. All students must pass
the assessment for each level before moving on to the next.

Pointe -

Our older’s and most proficient students will be invited to add pointe work into their ballet technique class.
Students will be hand picked, and must show the correct foundation and strength. Pointe work is not to be taken
lightly and is added entirely by the discretion of our ballet mistress and director.


Ballet 1 - 7+
Ballet 2, 3, 4 and 5, - placement by discretion of the faculty

Dress code - pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes, (leather or canvas) and a black leotard. No visible straps or
skirts for levels 1 and up. Hair pulled tightly into a bun.
*boys - tight fitting black pants, black ballet shoes, tight fitting white shirt, and white socks.

Jazz -
Jazz is a broad name that can cover many differing styles. We focus our jazz program on the various techniques

and try to expose our dancers to the wide variety within this category. The lower level classes will have a very
strong focus on technique and fundamentals, with the added benefit of cardio and strengthening to fun and
energetic music! As our students progress to the higher levels they will be exposed to broadway style jazz, fosse
style jazz, commercial style jazz, and theater park style jazz. Our goal is for our dancers to be able to book
professional work after completing their training with us, so we try our hardest to stay current with the trends for
working gigs in the Orlando area.

Jazz 1 - 5-6 yrs
Jazz 2 - 7*
Jazz 3, 4 and 5, - *placement by discretion of the faculty

Dress code - tan slip on jazz shoes, tight fitting soft clothes, pants/leggings capris, shorts (please make sure they
are appropriate length) leotards, tight tank tops/shirts, or crop tops and hair pulled back tightly.
Boys - soft tighter fitting clothes, and black slip on jazz shoes.

Hip Hop -
We are very proud of our family friendly approach to hip hop! Students will explore this fun and energetic street
style of dance, while incorporating strengthening, flexibility, and rhythmic patterns. Students will be exposed to
multiple genres including but not limited to, whacking, pop and locking, electric boogie, up-rock, funk boogaloo,
stepping, and intro to breakdancing.

Mini Hip hop – 5-6 yrs
Intermediate Hip Hop – 7-8 yrs
Intermediate Hip Hop – 9-10 yrs
Advanced Hip Hop - Placement

Dress code – soft tight fitting (ex. leggings) or baggier style clothing, (sweatpants are acceptable for this class)
and a clean pair of tennis shoes/sneakers that are dedicated ONLY for this class. Please treat them like a pair of
dance shoes, and don’t wear them outside. Hair needs to be pulled back tightly, ponytails are suggested.
*company dancers, specific shoes will be required for competitions, a link will be sent out for your to purchase.


Me and my shadow -

*Waitlist to start. If you are interested in this class, please join our waitlist! As soon as we have enough students on the list we will begin holding the class.*
This introductory class helps your toddler to socialize in a loosely structured setting. The teacher will encourage
exploration of colors, sounds, shapes and movement in a safe and fun environment. And shadows can help
students to explore and create at their own pace. We provide the tools and the guidance, and you provide the
hands on help for your little one!

Dress code - any type of soft clothing, students will be bare foot, shadows may choose to wear socks. We
suggest yoga type attire

Meet me at the Barre’ - 18+
This class is geared towards adults who are looking for a dance inspired fitness class in a judgment free setting.
Have you ever been inspired by the long lean lines of ballerinas? Would you rather work out in a fun group/class
setting? Do you want to stay here in town instead of driving far away for other bar type classes? Do you want to
make friends, and enjoy discounts at Imperium Food and Wine after class? Did you dance in your younger years,
and now you miss it? Are you brand new to dance and don’t want to take a dedicated ballet class? If any of the
above apply to you then this class could be a perfect fit! Think of it as a ballet and bar class crossover. 

Dress code - yoga type attire. Hair pulled back tightly, a hand towel and water bottles are suggested. Certain
apparatus will be required like a yoga mat, the instructor will explain everything during your first class.


Tap - 7+

No dance experience necessary. Students will learn to make rhythms with their feet, while strengthening their
ankles, and calf muscles. Our students will be exposed to multiple styles of tap including but not limited to

Broadway style tap, rhythm style tap, and hoofing. Studies have shown that students who study Tap have
increased mathematical skills! So make sure to try it out today!

Dress Code - tighter fitting soft clothes, tan tap shoes, any style, and hair pulled back tightly.


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